Plus size makeup myths debunked!

There are a lot of style rules out there, especially ones that apply specifically to plus-size women. Who made them, and why do we follow them? It’s time to throw the style rulebook out the window!

The real rules…

1. Start with a good base

  • Concealer tips: Use a shade lighter than your foundation. Apply with a brush or your fingers and blend toward the edges. Apply around your lips, just above the bow, to make your lips look fuller.
  • Foundation tips: Apply with a sponge (the same sponge you used to apply your primer). Apply in a stippling motion for even coverage.


2. Contour

Pick a bronzer with little to no shimmer. Try MAC Bronzing Powder in bronze.

Apply with a brush to the hollows of your cheeks (suck in your cheeks and make a fish face to find the hollows). Apply from your hairline in the hollow about 2 inches, and stop about where your jaw hinges. It’s important to not take the powder too far. Blend the powder into your hairline, applying darker closer to your hairline. Also, apply the bronzer lightly to your temples and along your jawline, where you would naturally have shadows.

Experiment with color, shimmer and liners. Don’t forget mascara. Use a light shadow to highlight under your eyebrows and the inner corners of your eyes.


3. Finish the look

  • Clean up foundation with sponge.
  • Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks then sweep into your hairline. Try Bella Bamba by Benefit.
  • Finally, apply a bronzer/darker blush powder, as a bronzer this time. Consider Honour by MAC, and provide warmth to areas where the sun would normally hit you, like your forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones.
  • Finish lips with a natural color for day — Jessica used Rosewood by Prestige — and top with a gloss in a taupe/pink shade. Apply gloss to the middle of lips. If you want a bold lip, check out Lime Crime Velvetines in red velvet!


This might be a lot to do on a daily basis… But it will be worth it for a special event. Use the tips and tricks from above that suit you, and implement them into your daily routine. Take the extra minute to add contour. This could be applied over your foundation, then add some mascara and lip gloss, and be out the door.


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Heads up!

In the era of multitasking, who doesn’t wear many hats? That’s not just an expression. We mean literally — as the weather warms up to scorching temps here in AZ, us full-figured fashionistas need all the chic toppers we can get our hands on. And, since we’re all aware of the effect of damaging sun rays , owning more than one chapeau is a must. So whether you’re looking to hide a bad hair day or fend off harmful UVs, this summer is ALL about head-wear!

We’ve rounded up our favorite, super-stylish hats to get you and your wardrobe through the blistering summer (and maybe even a few vaycays). From wide-brimmed wonders to bold and bright, we’ve got a topper for every curvy gal.

Here’s to taking your headwear to new heights!


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Weekend Beauty

With summertime on the way, we’re priming ourselves for sun-kissed skin, beachy hair and lips like sugar, to go with all of the season’s freshest full-figured fashion trends!

Of all the summer beauty trends, we always get most nostalgic for lip glosses and lip balms in flavors and hues that are lip smacking good. Anyone remember Bonne Bell lipsmackers? Enough said.  Our penchant for sweet balms leads us to this easy beauty DIY… Besides, is there any better way to indulge in a little pre-summer nostalgia on this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend? Enjoy!

diy lip butters balm chapstick homemade gifts

You’ll Need:
Base 1: shea butter or coconut oil
Base 2: Vaseline Jelly
Color: lipstick or eye shadow
Oil: vitamin E or almond oil
Scent: flavor oils
small microwavable bowl

diy lip butters nivea dupe

How To:

Choose enough shea butter or coconut oil to fit your container. This is usually a couple of tablespoons. The containers shown are from the Container Store, but these can be found at craft stores or online. These were around .99 cents. You can also recycle empty lip balm containers!

making diy lip balm

In a microwavable bowl, add your base, an oil, your color (if desired), and mix together. Melt in 30 seconds increments until thoroughly melted.

diy lip balm

Mix in the flavor oil. Since skin can be sensitive to certain essential oils,  purchase flavor oils made just for lip balms, like this site. Try adding the flavor oil later, so it won’t evaporate, but you can add it when you melt the ingredients.

Pour carefully into container and allow to cool. That’s it!

diy natural beauty products

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Plus-Size Dressing Don’ts!


Choosing clothes for your full-figure bod shouldn’t be any more difficult than choosing clothes for a smaller-size frame. And, while the industry is offering more size options than ever before, some of those clothes out there haven’t quite caught up with what us curvy gals actually want.

In the interest of giving you a head start on what works and what doesn’t, check out this list of what design elements to avoid. Actually, don’t just avoid them. Run as fast as you can away from them, and go put on something fabulous.

Put down your husband’s shirt!

Menswear pieces, like pantsuits, button-downs, and crewneck tees can be stunning — when tailored properly for the female shape. Try an actual men’s T-shirt, though, and you’ll quickly see that men’s clothing is designed for men’s bodies. And, men tend to not have breasts, hips, and bottoms. Okay, technically they do, but they’re definitely not the same as ours.

Less is more…

Some plus-size-department buyers seem to think that what their customers really want in a garment is more — more sparkle, more crinkle, more color, more print — sometimes all on the same item. They gravitate to studs, neon stripes, leopard print, and maybe even some fringe. The end result? A migraine in garment form, hanging in your closet.

It’s ALL about the fit!

This rule actually applies to everyone. Straining over the bust, collapsing at the shoulders, and puckering at the armhole are all signs that a piece doesn’t fit. The best way to avoid this issue is to try everything on, and get to know your local tailor. Also, keep in mind: If the garment looks bad on the model, it’s going to look even worse in real life. If all the pinning, fluffing, and primping that goes on at every photo shoot, runway show, and red-carpet event can’t keep a garment from looking terrible on the professional, it’s unlikely to look any better on you.

Most designers of plus-size clothing understand fit, often because they themselves are fuller figured. But, some don’t. And, those that don’t get it will make pieces with strange proportions: never-ending sleeves, baggy crotches, sloppy cuffs, saggy necklines, and droopy shoulders. Even the best tailor can only do so much. A minor tweak is fine, but if you’re considering a major overhaul, think again.

You’re better than cheapie clothing.

Who needs scratchy fabric, sloppy finishes, or crappy trims? You deserve better. And, this isn’t only a problem found with less expensive fashions. Poorly designed, low-quality, plus-size (and straight-size!) clothing can be found at almost every price point, so be on the lookout. This also counts for poor design… In other words, if a design is so ugly, you can’t imagine it ever being sold in a straight-size, why settle for it in a plus-size? Learn to trust your eye. If a piece looks off, tortured, unbalanced, or trying-too-hard (or not at all), back away from it at high speed. You know there are super-fab pieces out there in your size, so go grab some of those instead — you deserve it.


S is for Spring and Shoes!

It’s basically a fashion law that every woman of every size and shape should own at least one pair of nude shoes. Not only can they be worn with any outfit and look great (because they’re THE quintessential neutral), a nude shoe also elongates your legs, thus enhancing your full-figured silhouette. The magic of this hued shoe is simply that it draws the eyes up creating a long, lean line.

Pulling off the perfect nude colored shoe takes only two rules: 1. Bare legs are key! Don’t worry, you will still look sophisticated and stylish. and number 2. Make sure you try a few different neutral shades to see what looks best with your complexion. Some women opt for a palm blush pink, which is another great neutral option. Try a light beige or cream if you have a fair complexion or a shade of brown if you’re darker. As long as they are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone, you will look fabulous!

To get you started on your way to shoe heaven we’ve rounded up our favorite plus-sized shoes from all over the web! Enjoy!

Marc Fisher Philo Caged Sandals from Macy’s


B.F.T. by Barefoot Tess ‘Adelaide Sling’ Slight Wedge (Nude Patent)


Anna Scholz Lace Up Platform (EEE Width) from Simply Be


LifeStride Radius Wedge Pump from DSW


Asha Pump by Comfortview® from Jessica London


Spring’s New Hues

Designers take a modern twist on the traditional for spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom.


Three very adaptable pastels sit on one end of the palette, and, because we are so accustomed to seeing them as nature’s background, they can be creatively combined with any other color in the spectrum. Placid Blue, like a picture-perfect, tranquil and reassuring sky, induces a sense of peaceful calmness, while Violet Tulip, a romantic, vintage purple, evokes wistful nostalgia. Similar to the verdant shade of springtime foliage, Hemlock, a summery, ornamental green, provides a decorative touch that’s very different from the greens of recent seasons. Pair any of these versatile pastels with a bolder hue for an totally on-trend look.

Sand, a lightly toasted neutral, conjures images of the beach and the carefree days of summer. Try pairing Sand with Hemlock for perfect, natural balance. Paloma serves as a quintessential neutral, interesting enough to be worn alone or combined with any color for sophisticated poise.

Cayenne, a high-pitched red, adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals, and heightens the excitement when mixed with Freesia, a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes this season. A tropical, floral-inspired shade, Freesia’s warmth and energy help set the stage for Celosia Orange, an optimistic, spontaneous hue. Pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip for a captivating vision, much like the setting summer sun.

pantone-color-of-the-year-2104-raidant-orchid-purple-colorThe palette is brought full circle with Radiant Orchid, a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip, and Dazzling Blue, a scintillating, polar opposite to Placid Blue. Surprisingly, these strong, vibrant colors also pair well across the palette: They are perfect companions to pastels, and add confidence and vivacity when mixed with other bold colors.

How will you be wearing this season’s hottest hues? Comment below!

Comfort Chic


We love it when trends come around that are both stylish and easy-to-wear. This season is no exception… All across runways we saw the Birkenstock re-visioned and revived. Yes, you heard right. The Birkenstock is BACK! This season’s iterations are sleek and minimal featuring fur, metallic, and patent leather. This iconic two-strap sandal has gone from granola to glam and in fact, the Birkenstock is no longer just a brand name but a style of its own!
Whatever hue or decoration you choose, the rules for plus-size rules for wearing them in a stylish way apply across the board…

1. The have to look crisp and brand new. It can’t look like you’ve had them for years like in the old days; otherwise it reads hippie

2. A fresh pedicure is a must

3. Stick with metallic leather or polished patent styles over the traditional beige suede for a more elevated feel.

4. It helps to counterpoint the look with a minimal or ladylike look

Still stuck on how to wear this old-is-new-again trend? Try a bright white paired with these new arrivals from Kedem Sasson!

4110 top stripes

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Spring’s Best Accessories!

Accessory lovers, rejoice! All that glimmers this season is in fact, whole lot of gold, silver, and stones! From the gilded and colorful, to  stone encrusted and detailed; Spring’s statement jewelry is the best way to dress up any outfit. If you’re heading from desk to dinner, just throw on a statement necklace, a bold earring, or a cool cocktail ring… they can instantly take your look from everyday to total glam.  Below we’ve rounded up our favorites, make sure to look closely—we guarantee these will end up on your must-have list this season…

These chunky, Southwest-inspired pieces give any outfit a glam update. Try wearing a head-turning turquoise statement necklace for both day and night. These intensely-colored stones will add a pop of color to your look and make an especially vibrant statement with black.


The choker is back and better than ever this season! Happily, it’s come a long way since the velvet ribbons and stretchy tattoo-like designs that were en vogue in the 90’s.  Updated versions of this trend have taken a chic turn for the better. From simple metallic bands to elaborate stone-encrusted jewels, these neck pieces can add glamour to your everyday basics. Whether you decide to pile on your pieces or keep it simple and chic with one major necklace, accessorizing your full-figure look is what makes your outfit stand apart from the rest!


From luxe statement necklaces to crystal earrings, silver is making a BIG comeback! Easy to wear and an even easier way to update your wardrobe; take this trend to the next level by mixing in pieces of yellow and rose gold. We especially love silver against this season’s pastels, the combination is utter perfection!


What to Wear: Spring Trends

Curvy fashionistas rejoice! Spring 2014 promises to be the most sexy, bold and jewel-encrusted season yet. But with this new season comes a whole lot of trends to explore, which can be seriously overwhelming for us normal people. So, to help you out we’ve rounded up the low-down on the key plus-size looks you should be lusting after this Spring. Think plethoras of embellishments, dazzling prints and plenty of pink…

Embellishment: We saw all of the major fashion houses lavishing the runways with shimmer and sparkle; reach for all that glitters as the weather warms up! Try this look on encrusted tops, dresses, and collars. How decadent!

Floral: Team your neon florals and botanical blooms with edgy attitude and offbeat accessories, like metallic glam rock accessories, sky high sandals or chilled-out trainers. The two tribes within this trend are polar extremes – it’s either the lady-like treatment or sassy urbanite styling.


Pink: Fashion’s fickle eye hasn’t quite moved on from pink. There’s still plenty of style mileage left in the hue that makes boys wink. Best worn as one hero-piece, such as a coat or jacket, or be shameless and wear pink head-to-toe. You go, girls!

Black and White: This monochromatic look is best offset with stark nude tones or blended with sorbet colors, like: candyfloss pink, baby blue or lemon sherbet. Best worn with plenty of confidence.


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Wear what you LOVE

Sure it’s the day of hearts, candy, and flowers… but what to wear while you celebrate seems to be at the top of every lady’s list this Valentine’s Day. Sure you could go all out on a frock you will probably never wear again, or you could opt for one of these fab options that will last long after those long stem roses arrive. Whether you’re spending the night in with your gal pals or hitting the town with your sweetie, we’ve got your top covered, curvy girl!