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We love it when trends come around that are both stylish and easy-to-wear. This season is no exception… All across runways we saw the Birkenstock re-visioned and revived. Yes, you heard right. The Birkenstock is BACK! This season’s iterations are sleek and minimal featuring fur, metallic, and patent leather. This iconic two-strap sandal has gone from granola to glam and in fact, the Birkenstock is no longer just a brand name but a style of its own!
Whatever hue or decoration you choose, the rules for plus-size rules for wearing them in a stylish way apply across the board…

1. The have to look crisp and brand new. It can’t look like you’ve had them for years like in the old days; otherwise it reads hippie

2. A fresh pedicure is a must

3. Stick with metallic leather or polished patent styles over the traditional beige suede for a more elevated feel.

4. It helps to counterpoint the look with a minimal or ladylike look

Still stuck on how to wear this old-is-new-again trend? Try a bright white paired with these new arrivals from Kedem Sasson!

4110 top stripes

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Spring’s Best Accessories!

Accessory lovers, rejoice! All that glimmers this season is in fact, whole lot of gold, silver, and stones! From the gilded and colorful, to  stone encrusted and detailed; Spring’s statement jewelry is the best way to dress up any outfit. If you’re heading from desk to dinner, just throw on a statement necklace, a bold earring, or a cool cocktail ring… they can instantly take your look from everyday to total glam.  Below we’ve rounded up our favorites, make sure to look closely—we guarantee these will end up on your must-have list this season…

These chunky, Southwest-inspired pieces give any outfit a glam update. Try wearing a head-turning turquoise statement necklace for both day and night. These intensely-colored stones will add a pop of color to your look and make an especially vibrant statement with black.


The choker is back and better than ever this season! Happily, it’s come a long way since the velvet ribbons and stretchy tattoo-like designs that were en vogue in the 90′s.  Updated versions of this trend have taken a chic turn for the better. From simple metallic bands to elaborate stone-encrusted jewels, these neck pieces can add glamour to your everyday basics. Whether you decide to pile on your pieces or keep it simple and chic with one major necklace, accessorizing your full-figure look is what makes your outfit stand apart from the rest!


From luxe statement necklaces to crystal earrings, silver is making a BIG comeback! Easy to wear and an even easier way to update your wardrobe; take this trend to the next level by mixing in pieces of yellow and rose gold. We especially love silver against this season’s pastels, the combination is utter perfection!


What to Wear: Spring Trends

Curvy fashionistas rejoice! Spring 2014 promises to be the most sexy, bold and jewel-encrusted season yet. But with this new season comes a whole lot of trends to explore, which can be seriously overwhelming for us normal people. So, to help you out we’ve rounded up the low-down on the key plus-size looks you should be lusting after this Spring. Think plethoras of embellishments, dazzling prints and plenty of pink…

Embellishment: We saw all of the major fashion houses lavishing the runways with shimmer and sparkle; reach for all that glitters as the weather warms up! Try this look on encrusted tops, dresses, and collars. How decadent!

Floral: Team your neon florals and botanical blooms with edgy attitude and offbeat accessories, like metallic glam rock accessories, sky high sandals or chilled-out trainers. The two tribes within this trend are polar extremes – it’s either the lady-like treatment or sassy urbanite styling.


Pink: Fashion’s fickle eye hasn’t quite moved on from pink. There’s still plenty of style mileage left in the hue that makes boys wink. Best worn as one hero-piece, such as a coat or jacket, or be shameless and wear pink head-to-toe. You go, girls!

Black and White: This monochromatic look is best offset with stark nude tones or blended with sorbet colors, like: candyfloss pink, baby blue or lemon sherbet. Best worn with plenty of confidence.


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Wear what you LOVE

Sure it’s the day of hearts, candy, and flowers… but what to wear while you celebrate seems to be at the top of every lady’s list this Valentine’s Day. Sure you could go all out on a frock you will probably never wear again, or you could opt for one of these fab options that will last long after those long stem roses arrive. Whether you’re spending the night in with your gal pals or hitting the town with your sweetie, we’ve got your top covered, curvy girl!




Spring Clean!


Is this you? Closet stuffed with clothes and nothing to wear?

At most times, this is all of us women. Moms, working women, students, grandmothers. We lack confidence in our own decisions, time, and money.

So: We buy clothes because they’re on sale or because we saw them in a magazine. Get them home, don’t really like them. Too busy to return them. Do you chuck them away? Of course not, you paid good money for them! What about that sweater you loved when you were 27? Might wear it again. And your job doesn’t call for suits but you might need a suit jacket in the near future…

The brutal fact is, your life would be so much easier if  you committed to a style. When you have a few items in your wardrobe, all of which look good on you, guess what – YOU CAN’T GO WRONG.

Work with us here. You get up late. Instead of running to your closet and going “Oh shoot ughhhh what do I wear!? AAARGH it’s all dirty or at the dry cleaners” you have five or six simple options. Leggings and flat boots. Tailored trousers and low heels. A skirt, jacket, and flats, with a big tote you stuff your comfiest heels, and necessities in for work.

You shower and blow dry your hair. Then you go to your bathroom mirror, five basics are laid out for you; BB cream, bronzer, brown eyeshadow, clear lip gloss. You’re made-up in less than one minute, go to the closet and pick any of these outfits.

You’re out the door and you look great. You look professional. You look pulled-together. You feel stylish and attractive. However your day goes at the office/on the go/ schlepping the kids, you look and feel confident. You’re happier and able to cope.

Give yourself the gift of one hour in your wardrobe with a black trash bag. (you know the one, BIG and heavy duty) Now it’s time to toss, not only all the obvious fails, but anything you haven’t worn for a year – and go one further – throw out GOOD stuff that doesn’t WOW you. Any “It’s OK but it’s not great” stuff.

Every organization blog, book, and pro will tell you to sort your stuff into three piles, chuck, donate, keep and put away. That’s just not going to work. Get ONE large bag. (Or two) Put ALL the non-great clothes into it. Google ‘clothes donation’ and donate them. If there is no clothes donation within easy enough reach, THROW THEM AWAY. DON’T HESITATE OUT OF GUILT. (You can make a monetary donation to a charity later)

So you’re left with a scarily empty closet? That’s OK. Everything in it looks amazing on you and fits you and your lifestyle perfectly. Declutter your clothes, improve your style, de-stress your life.

It’s a philosophical thing. It’s not hard to see that we are all living in a  consumer driven age. We  ALL have entirely TOO MUCH STUFF and it is driving us crazy, stressing us out. We are afraid to write off mistakes because they cost us money. We are frantic, confused and the way we look contributes to the stress of our lives.

This may shock you, but what about the idea of a highly consolidated ‘capsule wardrobe’? Living the motto ‘less is more’.

As Coco Chanel once said “But how can the Englishwomen be chic? They have far too many clothes.”

Ladies, it’s time for a revolution in your lives. Less stuff = more style. More style = more confidence. More confidence = more success. Believe in your beauty and your best self, think of your life as a permanent vacation, and travel light.

In that hideous mess you call a closet are some amazing dresses. Wouldn’t it be fun to find them – and actually wear them?

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At-Home Winter Beauty!


The winter months can certainly do a number on your skin, lips, and hair. It seems like we are constantly running to the store to grab extra products that promise to cure us of our winter woes, only to be let down. Luckily, natural winter beauty can be easy and cheap with some simple DIY mixtures using things you already have in your cabinets.  Enjoy your smooth, soft winter skin, curvy girl!

For Chapped/Dry Lips:  

Add 1 part brown sugar + 1 part honey + 1 part olive oil

Simply mix, apply to lips in a circular motion, and wipe off with a tissue for completely kissable lips (that smell and taste good too!).

For Dry Faces: 

Mix 2 tablespoons of  oatmeal + a teaspoon of baking soda + a drop of vanilla + enough warm  water to form a paste.

Rub into face in a circular motion, leave on for about 2-3 minutes, and wash off with warm water.  Oatmeal is kind of a beauty “superfood” – it is naturally calming to skin, helps  lock in moisture, removes dead cells and treats minor irritations.

For Rough Skin (Anywhere on Your Body!) 

Combine 1/4 cup olive oil + 1/2 cup brown sugar + 1 tsp. vanilla extract + zest of a lemon or orange.

Store the scrub in an airtight glass  jar for up to two weeks. Use it in the shower to smooth skin.  This scrub is especially good for rough areas like elbows and knees. Once a week, you can apply the scrub to your face and neck.

For Dry Feet: 

Warm Water + Lotion + Socks

Soak your feet two to three times a week in warm water. Rub them with an intense moisturizer and pull on your comfiest socks.  Sleeping with your socks on will leave your feet even softer and smooth when you wake up in the morning!

For Lackluster, Dry Hair:  

Mix 2 Tbsp. olive oil with 1 tbsp of honey.

Work the mixture through your hair. Leave in for at least half an hour, then wash.  Your result will be soft, smooth, shiny hair!

Resolve to be better…

Lose weight/Get in shape. Spend less/save more money. Organize something.

Sound Familiar?

Studies have shown that these are the top three resolutions Americans make every year. And as far back as we can remember,  at least one of these graced our resolution list each year. So basically that means that we are either a total failures OR we’re just making the wrong resolutions. We choose the second answer.

Exploring, dreaming, vision-boarding what it is that that we really want to be shouldn’t stop at childhood. There are still so many places to go to; there are projects to do; there are teachers to learn from; there are gardens to be planted; books to be written; photographs to be taken; the list goes on and on.

We all know people who are doing exactly what they want to do and they often are healthy beautiful organized people. Coincidence? We think not.

The truth is that our need approval warps how we see ourselves and keeps us feeling like we need to bend something we’re not which results in goals made for approval instead of to accomplish our dreams! So where do we go from here?

Find a way to get back in touch with the dreamer inside of you. Mine for memories of what it was that was important to you and what you may have wanted to do. Plan mini time-out sessions and do whatever it is that helps you hear your internal voice. Start a journal, read, and share with your best friend or siblings. Find a goal that reflects what you value and is WORTHY of your time and energy. Studies have found that by engaging in activities such a prayer, meditation, Yoga, art , music, and being in nature decreases our stress, helps us focus inward, and gives us the opportunity to hear our own voice.

You are important and so are the things you want in your life! Go get ‘em, curvy girl!

Last Minute Holiday Gifting!

Whether you’re a chronic procrastinator or just forgot about someone on your list, these last-minute Christmas gift ideas from Diva Women’s Wear will save the (holi)day!

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Diva Contest Time!


It’s time for another Diva Women’s Wear website scavenger hunt! Head to and follow our clues to discover the item, then post a link to the item in the comments below! The winner will receive a $25 Diva Gift Card!

 1. The opposite of evenly shaped
2. Sounds like winter’s perfect sandwich!
3. Stroll through the woods filled with snowy versions of these…

What to Wear: Thanksgiving Dinner

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving! Which means we all have a hall pass to indulge in juicy turkey, spiraled ham, mashed potatoes, cheesy au gratin, and pies galore! No matter who you choose to spend this hyped up dinner with – family, significant others, friends, or at a swanky house party – what you wear will make an impression. It can be tricky to decide how dressy or casual to style your curves! Don’t fret, fashionista, we have you covered.

Thanksgiving is many things, but here’s on thing it’s not – a time for tight, restrictive clothing. No one wants to shift uncomfortably in their seat or feel like unzipping their jeans under the table! Instead keep it comfortable and fabulous with printed tunics and dresses, think chic, flowy, and effortless.


Feeling the need to balance a loose blouse? Try pairing it with skinny black leggings, and a colorful coat. Glam up your look with a statement necklace and a pair of studded heels! If you feel overdressed throw on a pair of flats to tone down your look.


Whatever your plus size style needs; Diva Women’s Wear has what you’re looking for, and more! Stop by the store and let us help you style your Thanksgiving day look, we have a slue of dinner party-ready threads that will leave you feeling comfortable and confident as you walk out the door!